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Second Batch Streaming Event

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Second Batch Streaming Event!

Since our first Streaming Event was successful we are doing a second batch of this event!.

We invite everyone to participate in this event. Either you are a solo player or have a guild you are free to join. We wanted you to enjoy and have a good memories to our server. Together We Stand.

Prize: 35,000 worth of gaming computer


Overlay for Classic:
Overlay for PVP:


  • You must complete the streaming days but not necessary.


  • Number of shares of your stream also has a good impact of winning.


  • Content of your stream must be good. Doing PvP, Farming, CW, and etc.


  • Hours of stream are not required but it could also affect in judging the winner.


We will announce the winner inf September 30, 2020

Lets all have fun in playing our server