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Third Batch Streaming Event

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Third Batch Streaming Event!

Since our second Streaming Event was successful we are doing a third batch of this event!.

We invite everyone to participate in this event. Either you are a solo player or have a guild you are free to join. We wanted you to enjoy and have a good memories to our server. Together We Stand.

Prize: 35,000 worth of gaming computer



  • You must complete the streaming days but not necessary.


  • Number of shares of your stream also has a good impact of winning.


  • Content of your stream must be good. Doing PvP, Farming, CW, and etc.


  • Hours of stream are not required but it could also affect in judging the winner.


  • Use Hashtag #RFSEADAY1  to #RSEADAY31, #RfSeaLangPinakamatibay, #RfSeaLangMalakas, #RfSea, #RfSeaNumbawan.


Starting March 1 to 31, 2021

Lets all have fun in playing our server